Communication was tasked to get shoppers genuinely interested in ‘Ikea’s Everyday Green Home Solutions’ without focusing too much on ‘Special Promotional Offers’.  Our problem was that in past 7 years there has been so much heavy-duty talk on ‘Green/Eco’ that shoppers have virtually become ‘Numb to Green’ and have developed a mindset that ‘Doing Green’ is a Corporation/Business/Brands’ prerogative while ‘Buying Green’ is there’s.


Kids help parents take their Baby steps to Green

We concluded that whilst everyone was talking about going green and some had even turned it into community activism events, no one had actually shown the way on ‘how to lead an everyday green life at home’, thus leading to an overall consumer inaction. We decided to help consumers take their ‘First Baby Steps to an everyday green living’. For this we chose kids to show their parents the way at homes.


1: In 2011 we changed 215,000 incandescent bulbs with SPARSAM, that helped save over $1 Million in energy costs and about 15000 tonnes on CO2 emissions. Besides increasing IKEA’s average weekly sales for its Eco/Green products by 40%.